Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think Carroll 1st

I have been enjoying a bi-monthly newsletter, Business Record Iowa. It has tidbits and links to business news around the state. I always seem to find at least one article of interest. One that caught my eye awhile back was a discussion of buying local. The impulse for the article was a contract signed by the Iowa Department of Economic Development with an out-of-state firm to develop marketing objectives and strategies to attract business and industry to the state. Some think the department responsible growing the state's economy should only do business in Iowa. You can read the article here.

Be sure to read the comments section, where a number of readers share the view that buying local is not a entitlement of business, but that loyal customers are earned. A primary role of a Chamber of Commerce is be to help the local business realize this and understand how to put their business firstin the minds of customers, particularly local customers. Today's buyer is fickle enough... and certainly has enough demands on their time and attention, to be shamed or tricked in to buying local.

A second responsibility to business a Chamber has is to help local businesses get the message out to the consumer that selection, price and service are un-matched when you shop locally. Finally, there is a place for the Chamber make sure that residents understand that the more that is spent locally, the more the entire community prospers through additional employment, the multiplying effect of the local dollar spent, and additional tax revenue to keep the community vibrant and progressive.

Think Carroll 1st! Put local businesses to the test. Visit a local business the next time you're faced with a buying decision...Make them earn your business. You will be pleased with what you find, pleasantly surprised what you pay, and glad you made Carroll a little stronger all the while.

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