Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chart of the Week

Iowa State University's Retail Trade Analysis Program for Carroll County offers an enormous amount of information comparing Carroll County to state averages and the other 98 counties in the state. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Iowa Department of Revenue are used annually to create this report.
The chart at the right depicts the trade classifcations assigned each county (click to enlarge).
An interesting bit of information is found by looking at the combined population of the various classifications:
Carroll County is in group "C - Less Urban-Small Trade Center". This group has nearly half the counties in Iowa (45), but only 22% of the state's population, while 10 metropolitan counties have about half of the population.
Carroll County compares favorably to its 45 peer counties in nearly every category: per capita income, population change, median daytime population change, per capita retail sales growth an sales growth increase. View the full report here.

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