Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tourism Benefits with the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway

Three Lincoln Highway upcoming events on 9/24, 29, 30. In reality, these events are not history events as you might assume. All three are designed with business and local city leaders as the target audiences. Business people who would benefit from tourism promotion along the Lincoln Highway are invited to attend.

The 9/24 lecture is about how byways can have a positive impact on a community from an identity perspective as well as economically. As we become more successful in making the Lincoln Highway statewide a transportation magnet for out of state "see America" coast-to-coast retired baby boomer travelers, they will be stopping here for meals and lodging IF we can show them byway attractions as well. But the business community has to want to be part of that if they expect to see any benefit. Find out how you can be a part of this effort at a free lecture at Santa Maria on 9/24. Lecture starts at 7:00 pm, meal at 6:00 pm (if they have reservations).

The bus tours on 9/29 and 9/30 are also for leaders and business owners that want to actually see what the tourist will see between Grand Junction and Westside. Seen from the eyes of a New York traveler who knows nothing of Iowa, our history and land is new to them and not boring. With some interpretation sites to point out, we can attract tourists just as Route 66 does in the south. Route 66, by the way, has their biggest draw from European travelers (mostly German) who spend major bucks on their "See America" cross-continental trips. Carroll is on the Lincoln Highway route from NYC to Frisco.

Call Francie O'Leary (past Chamber Board Member)to learn more. 712.792.4415.

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