Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jim Kerwin Knew Carroll

"If you're not proud of your town, who the hell's going to be?"

... Jim Kerwin, as quoted in this Daily Times Herald article,

"Kerwin, Carroll's scribe, remembered"

He was proud of his town.

Jim Kerwin passed last week. Those who knew him speak of his love and affection for Carroll. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim one of my first week's in town nearly nine years ago. He showed me "the baseball" and I've been in awe ever since. I learned about the history of Carroll from his three books about the community. They are proudly displayed in my office, each with a personal note from Jim proclaiming how he enjoyed working with the Chamber.

He will be missed. His legacy as a community booster will live on in the lives of those he inspired to make Carroll the best it can be. In Jim's words written inside the cover of our copy of Postcards from Carroll, "All of us working together produce results. Enjoy the postcards."

We will.

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