Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wash Away Winter

Kudos to everyone who have been working hard to clean-up after all the tree damage and mess caused by the long hard winter. 

On a spruce-up note, the City and Fire Department will be washing the sand off the downtown city streets on Monday, April 19th from 7-9 PM.  The City will be working with the IDOT on Tuesday morning April 20th to wash Hwy 30 from East to West in Carroll.  The grass is turning green and flowers are starting to bloom.  Thank you to everyone who does their part to make Carroll a beautiful place and enhance the quality of life.  Carroll is looking forward to whatever the "next chapter" brings.

1 comment:

concerned citizen said...

Now if something could just be done about the beautification of the first mile as you enter Carroll, esp. from the east. In my opinion, it could use a major sprucing up.