Thursday, June 24, 2010

Carroll County Ranked 12th Healthiest County in Iowa

2010 Health Outcomes Map

Carroll County is the 12th Healthiest County in Iowa, according to studies conducted by the Univeristy of Wisconsin and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


"The County Health Rankings show us that where we live matters to our health. The health of a community depends on many different factors – ranging from individual health behaviors, education and jobs, to quality of health care, to the environment. This first-of-its-kind collection of 50 reports – one per state – helps community leaders see that where we live, learn, work, and play influences how healthy we are and how long we live. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is collaborating with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute to develop these Rankings for each state’s counties. This model has been used to rank the health of counties in Wisconsin for the past six years."

Click on thg map above, or here to view statistics and rankings for Carroll County

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