Monday, August 9, 2010

Chamber office takes a lightning bolt - minimal damage

Don't know if they still build'em like they used to, but we are happy to have both the construction of days gone by and the quick action of local contractors to repair a hole in the roof of the Historic Carroll Depot. The turret was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm sometime late Sunday  or early Monday. Beyond the damage to the roof, the strike knocked out telephone service to the three-building complex that is home to the Chamber and hosts several meetings each week. One computer in the building is a complete loss, but others have only minor issues such as network cards, etc.

The depot has been  home to the Carroll Chamber of Commerce and Carroll Area Development Corporation since 2007. They lease the property from Carroll Depot Centre, Ltd., a local non-profit that saved the Depot from demolition and renovated the 1896 structure using private donations, foundation grants and government grants. Interestingly, the turret was added by the Depot Centre as part of the renovation. There original building featured a turret, but for some reason had been removed (by a previous lightning bolt?). The Depot Centre even replicated the C&NW weather vane on top of the turret. Thankfully there was no damage to the weather vane, which helps give the building its charm.

The strike did not start a fire, nor was there any water damage. Quick quick action by local contractors, service technicians and staff had the Chamber up and running normally by 9:30 a.m. Monday. There is no voicemail yet, so let it ring, or call back if you get a busy signal (just like the old days!) Full service is expected to be restored Tuesday.

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