Friday, October 8, 2010

Chamber Sponsored Workshops

The Chamber has found 2 dynamic, experienced speakers to present at workshops scheduled for
Tuesday, October 19th at the Carrollton.  

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Angela Watson, Sales and Customer Communications, Well's Dairy will present
"Hospitality Magic Tricks".  It will give a few simple tools to incorporate immediately. 
Whether it's a simple "me check" or a full-organizational refresher course, this presentation will magically transform any business into a preferred place to work and to do business.

Dave Smetter, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Wells' Inc. will present
"The 3 Pillars of Business Success"
Leadership - Communication - Employee Engagement
This workshop will help you build the skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen your foundation in order to reach new heights as a top business performer.

Call the Chamber office with questions.
Choose one or both of these workshops, for you and your employees. 

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