Saturday, November 21, 2009

Local Actor Nails JFK Accent in Re-enactment of 1959 speech

A crowd of more than 50 gathered at Holy Spirit Gymnasium in Carroll to enjoy local actor Tim Tracy's version of Senator John F. Kennedy's 1959 address to the Carroll Chamber of Commerce. Today is anniversary of that speech. Organized by Kuemper Catholic history teacher John Steffes, the program was aided by recollection of the speech by Art Neu and several attendees.

Tracy's delivery of Kennedy's speech was well received by the crowd. He took questions from the audience in his role as Kennedy. John Steffes said if you closed your eyes you wouldn't know it was not the Senator.

Click on the video below to view a portion of Tim Tracy as John F. Kennedy.

On display were several books about the 35th President and articles about his visit here 50 years ago. More is available in an article published this week in the Daily Times Herald. Many thanks to John Steffes for organizing the ceremony.

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