Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It is always nice to get a thank you note. It was especially welcome to received this note from the co-pilot of the DC-3 that safely landed in a cornfield in Carroll 50 years ago. Below is his letter.

Chamber of Commerce

I simply cannot find words to express my gratitude to you and the citizens of Carroll who turned out to help us celebrate a night that will be forever etched in my memory as will be the night of Jan 18 , 2010 .

Having traveled across the entire US many times and to many other far away places I have not encountered an outpouring of genuine kindness, attentiveness and generosity, which created a sort of down home feeling.

I am especially thankful for Mayor Jim Pedelty, John Steffes , Norm Hutcheson, Doug Burns of the Times Herald and Jeff Blankman of KCIM for all they willingly contributed to MAKE MY DAY as well as that of Carroll and my gang from MN.

If the Fly-in of autumn becomes a reality we will be eagerly anticipating another trip to Carroll.

At my age I feel that I am perceptive enough to realise that you have a truly great team going for you in Carroll from the Mayor, who really loves Carroll, the Chamber, John Steffes and above all the extreemly capable and talented media .

As a by product of the activity you all have generated I have some new discoveries to reveal to to Doug and Jeff about some,until recently unknown players in the gaggle of 50 years ago involving a retired air traffic control operator and the fellow who helped recover the aircraft and arranged for the construction of the Carroll Auxiliary airstrip. Please tell Doug Burns that I promise to make that flight up 71 when the weather CAVU .

Goodby for now and many thanks to all of you wonderful kindred spirits . I hope to see you again!

Harold Gifford

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