Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packed House for "Miracle Cornfield Landing" 50th Anniversary Reception

Photos courtesy Omaha World Herald
Co-pilot Harold Gifford wowed the roomful of attendees Monday night at the 50th Anniversary of the "Miracle Cornfield Landing" a DC-3 carrying the Minneapolis Lakers was forced to land in a snowy cornfield in the early morning hours of January 18, 1960. Gifford who traveled from Minnesota for the reception; told harrowing stories of the plane trip from St. Louis to Carroll. He gave vivid accounts of the landing and incidents immediately following. Commented on Carroll's hospitality in 1960 and 50 years later is still impressed with with Carroll's welcoming spirit.

A 16 milimeter film strip, shot by Frank Balk of Carroll, was converted on DVD. There was footage of the distressed aircraft, accounts of a bulldozer operated by Paul Lenz clearing a makeshift runway in the cornfield and the DC-3 taking off.

The reception, first hand accounts and DVD made for quite and exciting evening in Carroll.

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