Monday, January 25, 2010

Power nearly restored - cleanup proves troublesome

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MidAmerican Energy has 6,070 customers in the city limits of Carroll. Even in a crisis, Carroll's hospitality shines. Read a comment from Marion Burns, MidAmerican Energy, with what the power crews from out of town are saying:

"I’ve got to tell you that Carroll has a reputation for friendliness that is going nationwide. As our contract crews leave here , they are bearing tales of how great the people of Carroll and Audubon Counties have been to them and how nice they are. The crews couldn’t believe how people brought in food and offered assistance everywhere they went."
updated January 25 @ 12:54 p.m.

MidAmerican Energy lineman Jerry Pieper holds a power line coated with ice.
He estimates a three-foot length of this ice-coated wire would weigh approximately 80 pounds.

The sound of chain saws and wood chippers filled the air in Carroll over the weekend as businesses and residents began to dig out from an ice storm last week that left 80% of MidAmerican Energy customers out of service.

MidAmerican Energy advised Monday morning that all but one of its 7,155 customers in Carroll County had power restored. However some homes and businesses are still without power awaiting an electrician to connect service from MidAmerican to their property. There is no estimate of how many customers this involves.

At peak, MidAmerican Energy had 30,000 customers out of service. There were 400 MidAmerican Energy linemen and just under 2,000 extra contractors working to restore power. Currently there are still 120 contracted linemen expected to  remain in Carroll througout the week in addition to 22 local MidAmerican linemen.

Carroll City Hall has issued 30 Transient Business permits to tree trimming companies that are going door-to-door and working for customers to remove debris. There are an estimated 30 additional companies who are working without the permit. Businesses and residents are encouraged to have anyone who they hire to work on storm debris to get contact information, ask for the transient business permit and proof of insurance.

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